Powerball Strategies

Many people randomly select the numbers when it comes to playing lottery – like Powerball or Mega Millions. Even though you might win on your luck but if you’re looking to increase your probability of winning, randomly choosing the numbers will not help you.

You have to strictly choose the lotto numbers according to a strategy. You need to keep in mind that there are numerous strategies which you can utilize.

When you are able to look into such numerous strategies, you will be able to pick the one with the highest probability quite easily. Here are 3 such strategies which you can utilize today when you play the lotto.

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1. Frequency charts:

Frequency charts will be able to let you know the number of times, each number is being drawn.

lottery number frequency chartThis ensures that you are able to instantly know the numbers which have the highest probability of being drawn.

You will be able to easily select those numbers for your tickets the next time around.

This will certainly increase the probability of your winning.

Moreover, if you want to increase the odds of winning a larger jackpot, you can try the reverse strategy as well and choose the oddest numbers as well. However, in such a case you will be going against the probability.

2. Individual winning numbers:

There are plenty of websites on the Internet which will let you know about the individual winning numbers which are been drawn for the maximum number of times.

An example is that among the white balls, 42 is the most drawn number.

Thus, you will be able to look into other such numbers as well and thereafter you will be able to take a call of the numbers which you have to choose for your ticket.

3. Group play:

You need to keep in mind that in order to increase your chances of winning, you can even opt for group play through a lottery pool.

winning lottery poolThis will involve buying perhaps hundreds of tickets among the group members – if you have a big enough lottery pool.

Moreover, whenever any ticket wins, the entire jackpot amount is divided among the group members as well.

Even though, this will actually reduce the jackpot amount as the number of lotto winners will be more but you will be able to get the better return on investment.

The larger the group more will be the probability of winning in each and every draw.

The problem is that ideally, you have to look at the amount which you are putting up for the tickets and the return on investment which you are able to get in each drawer.

This will automatically help you in choosing the right group size and group type.

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Other Lottery Strategies

There are a few other strategies which you can utilize as well like wheeling lottery numbers. However, these are the most effective strategies which you should always try out.

The strategies can easily help you in not only increasing your probability of winning but getting a better return on investment.

You can also try out some of books on the subject in order to find out about more such strategies on how to win the lottery.

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  1. I’ve won a few different times using strategies taught online. Nothing really big but some good wins.

    1. Congratulations Ferdinand. I presume you did it as a single player. Perhaps you should start or join a lotto pool and use the same strategies to win even more.

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